It is our fundamental duty to arrange and execute various theatre festivals. Every year, we arrange different type of theatre festival; we have arranged ‘Matir Asor Lok Rangya Utsab’, based on folk theatre to tribute to legendary theatre practitioner Habib Tanvir, ‘Natyajaner Natya Utsab’ (based on district plays), “Intimate Theatre Festival”, “VanaKaro!” (Solo Drama Festival). In these festivals we are also included seminar based on contemporary theatre arts.

(International Theatre Festival)

Sambhu Mitra and Bijan Bhattacharjee are two great theatre personalities in Indian theatre. They did change the Scenario of Bengali theatre at 1942 through the drama ‘Nabanna’ written by BijanBhattacharjee directed by Sambhu Mitra. Rabindra Nagar Natyaaudhis organizing “SHAMBHU MITRA & BIJAN BHATTACHARJEE SMRITI NATTYA UTSAV” (International Theatre Festival), based on their theatre thinking, ideology and memory. We organize a festival where we mix up the drama which creative a very urban text and language and on the other hand we incorporate that drama which builds up through folk tales and folk music also. We make a colorful exhibition based on their creation and organize a seminar based on Sambhu Mitra and his creation and Bijan Bhattacharjee and his creation.

February is the second month of every year; we organize this festival and try to incorporate National and International theatre groups at this festival. Many national and International theatre groups of India, Nepal and Bangladesh perform in that Theatre Festival.

About Us

Rabindra Nagar Natyaayudh (RNN) is an outstanding theatre organization in West Bengal, Kolkata, India. Under the leadership of theatre director, actor, playwright and theatre workshop instructor Dani Karmakar, it was formed in 5 March, 2010.

We have staged numerous plays, which have showcased many international, national theatre festivals in India, Nepal and Bangladesh and received critical acclaim. Over the years, we have performed various locations in schools, colleges, open-airs, intimate spaces, alternative spaces and theatre houses.

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