Badal Sarkar (July 15, 1925 – 13 May 2011) is an internationally renowned Bengali Theatre Activist. Who is the proponent of a different kind of Alternative Theater theory called ‘Third Theatre’. On the basis of “Third Film” in Latin America, Badal Sarkar had developed his “Third Theatre”. He is immortal by introducing a new form in the world of Bengali Theatre. This legendary theater playwright wrote the dramas for Proscenium Theater in his first life. In the sixties, He wrote the comedy drama and absurd drama. In the 70’s, a new era had started since that episode. He started practicing drama in intimate spaces and open fields. Some of Badal Sarkar’s books can be found in Amazon.(Click the links bellow to see the books) 

Badal Sarkar Natak Samagra Vol-3

Evam Indrajit 




    Pagla Ghora

    So Near, Yet So Far: Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre

    Baqi Itihas


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